TNA Impact Wrestling gets a Facebook game

Irish start-up developer Fantom creates a virtual wrestling sticker book.
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Dublin-based games developer Fantom has launched the first TNA Impact Wrestling Facebook game.

In the game wrestling fans have to collect and trade wrestlers to complete a digital sticker album while unlocking digital rewards along the way. 

TNA Impact is the first brand to use Fantom’s digital sticker album.

Fantom reports that a host of top brands are also interested in using the software.

“We are really pleased at the level of engagement and virality, of what is a simple collecting game,” said Fantom CEO Paul Healy. “Practically everyone who plays has passed it on to their friends on Facebook. That is game developer gold.”

“The TNA Impact partnership has been fantastic,” says Fantom sales and marketing manager Oran Bambrick. “They have really pushed the app and are seeing the dividends it has as a brand engagement tool, since we give them back detailed demographics on their fans.”

Fantom is focused on the developing digital collectable card games. According to Superdata CCGs are one of the fastest growing types of online game and is expected to be worth $714 million by 2014.

Agent Event Merchandising brokered the deal.


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