Upper Street's Sally Bent on bringing brands to life through live events

Upper Street Events is looking to work with more licensors and IP holders. Here, research and development director Sally Bent reveals the firm's approach to bringing brands to life with live events.
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Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Sally Bent and I’m research and development director at Upper Street Events. At Upper Street, we organise events and exhibitions across a wide range of industries and for diverse audiences.

How does your role cross over into the licensing industry?

Upper Street works with license and IP holders to create live events based on their brand.

 What have been your biggest successes working with licences?

The Gadget Show, without doubt. Gadget Show Live ran for eight years and attracted over 600,000 visitors in that time. It was jam-packed full of content and a really entertaining, fun event, which worked brilliantly for North One TV to bring the brand to life and keep it front of mind among audiences between TV series.

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We also organise four events throughout the UK designed around the Country Living publishing brand, which are a huge success.

What’s next for Upper Street?

As the company’s new R&D director, my job is to develop ideas for new events.

Some of those ideas will be developed by the creative team in-house at Upper Street, but others will come from outside and we’re really keen to hear from - and work with – external partners. That could be individuals who have great ideas and don’t know how to realise them, and also licence holders who would like to extend their brand through live events but don’t have the resources to do so internally.

The exhibitions industry is going through somewhat of an evolution – visitors are looking for exhibitions to deliver amazing experiences, not just shopping trips, and exhibitors are also looking for new ways to showcase their products. Together they make for interesting times for all of us.

How can licensors get in touch with you?

That’s easy. They can email me at sally.bent@upperstreetevents.co.uk or call me on 020 7288 6798.


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