US: Bosley signs up for Marathon

Hair restoration expert appoints licensing agent to help extend the brand.
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One of the leading brands in hair restoration, Bosley has appointed Marathon Projects as its licensing agent.

Marathon will now be overseeing the program with a focus on complementary hair restoration and hair treatment products including Minoxidil Topical Solutions, hair appliances, hair conditioners, shampoos and finishing products, brushes and combs, skin lotions and conditioners, vitamins and shaving products.

"The Bosley brand is among the most recognisable and respected in the hair restoration industry," said George Fettig, the firm's VP of marketing. "Adding the Bosley name to a line of complementary products will not only expand the retail presence of the Bosley brand name, but will also provide licensees with a brand name that consumers trust for quality and expertise.

"This program will contribute greatly to making our brand synonymous with complete hair care solutions."

Craig Kalter, president of Marathon Projects, added: "We look forward to implementing this new licensing strategy as a natural extension of the Bosley brand and its hair restoration brand mission."


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