US: Crack & Bonky plans grow

Mexican licensees and media firms line up for kids and teen character-based franchise.
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Adness Entertainment continues to sign up partners for kids franchise Crack & Bonky.

Scribe, one of the largest licensing companies in Mexico, has signed up for school notebooks, which will be released in April.

Meanwhile Televisa has become the new mobile content home for the brand. Mexico’s biggest TV station will distribute short animations and wallpaper images through its website for download. The firm will also push Crack & Bonky through its magazines and cable and terrestrial TV channels.

A raft of other local licensees have also come on board including in areas such as chewing gum, t-shirts, phone charms, back to school, plush, socks and figures. Next categories will include key chains, sleepwear, party goods and jeans amongst others.

“We are extremely pleased not only by the magnitude of the licensing deals we are able to achieve, but by the impressiveness of the licensees that are joining Crack & Bonky,” said Takeshi Okajima, director of licensing operations in the US for Adness. “These major players recognise the burgeoning popularity of the brand, and its vast potential in the competitive retail marketplace.”


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