US: Mr Men ramping up

More licensing partners sign up ahead of new show's debut on Cartoon Network next month.
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A raft of new licensees have been added to The Mr Men Show's stable.

The show is due to debut on Cartoon Network next month and tie-in merchandise will be introduced to US retailers from early 2009 with offerings from Freeze, Armitron, ES Originals, Skechers and American Greetings amongst others, according to Playthings.

Master toy licensee is Fisher Price, which will lead the toy roll out in autumn 2009. Jakks Pacific (vinyl and collector figures), The Kite Factory (kites and streamers), Outrageous (consumer electronics), Pressman Toy (board games and puzzles) and Zizzle (handheld games) will also roll out product.

"With an iconic pop culture status that is now well into its second generation of fans, this is a brand that speaks to the consumer in a big way," said Cheryl Gotthelf, SVP of Chorion's global brand management. "The TV launch will take the franchise to another level as a new generation of kids discovers their singularly wacky and endearing appeal."


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