US: New Happy Meals Speed in

16 toys available at McDonald's restaurants until June 5th in the US.
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A new line of Speed Racer Happy Meal toys are available at participating McDonald's outlets in the US - with the promotion running until June 5th to help extend the experience of the movie.

The collection includes eight different toy action vehicles modeled on the race cars from the film, plus eight different Speed Racer themed accessories.

Each action vehicle can perform a unique stunt, with the models including Speed Racer's Mach 5 and Rex Racer's Mach 4, as well as cars driven by Speed's rivals Taejo Togokhan, the Grey Ghost and others.

Meanwhile, the accessories include lifestyle items such as purses and jewellery.

"Speed Racer is a cultural phenomenon that parents recognise and know that their kids will enjoy as well," said Rebecca Anderson, marketing manager for McDonald's USA. "We are excited to bring together two timeless icons, McDonald's Happy Meals and Speed Racer, for adventurous fun for kids of all ages."

The Speed Racer Happy Meal toys are recommended for children aged three and over.


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