US: Reebok to roll out Monopoly inspired footwear

Community Chest, Chance, houses and hotels to appear in new collection.
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Reebok is joining forces with toy giant Hasbro to launch a new line of Monopoly inspired footwear in the States this month.

Coinciding with the release of Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition board game, the collection will feature a variety of different styles for toddlers, kids and adults.

The design team at Reebok has taken inspiration from the game pieces Monopoly is best known for - such as dice, tokens, Chance and Community Chest cards, houses and hotels, plus Monopoly money - to create details for the laces, prints, colours and overall design of the shoes.

"Monopoly has global recognition as one of the most iconic board games of all time, and Reebok is excited to be able to translate this fun into footwear," said Christian Stegmaier, Reebok's head of lifestyle product marketing.

"The Monopoly collection by Reebok is designed with consumers in mind who are not afraid to be individuals and stand out from the crowd."

The first shoes to launch will pay tribute to the board itself: the Reverse Jam designs will be aimed at men, while women will be targeted with Courtee designs.

A second wave will arrive in November, dedicated to the icons of the boards. Reverse Jam will feature Community Chest, hotels, houses and Chance, while the Courtee line will include luxury houses and hotels.


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