US: Star Wars is top toy licence in 2008

US toy retail sales for the brand exceed $450 million during the year.
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The arrival of new animated TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars has given the brand a significant boost in the States, with new data this week showing Star Wars took the number one spot in traditional toy licences for 2008.

On top of this, Lucasfilm has revealed that US toy retail sales for the brand exceeded $450 million during the year.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars was the single most popular licensed toy property in 2008, according to data from The NPD Group. It was also, as a result, the top boys' toy licence for the year.

During the Christmas period, US toy retailers reported the strongest sales for Star Wars toys and products in the 31 years since the first movie was released in the cinema.

Sales of branded video games also reached new heights, driven by the success of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, which, following its release in September 2008, became the fastest selling Star Wars video game in history, with sales now exceeding 5.7 million units worldwide.

The brand also did well in the publishing sector, with 14 books appearing on the New York Times best sellers list. Both Star Wars: The Force Unleashed novelisation and Star Wars: Legacy of the Force Revelation were number ones.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars also scored the most-watched series debut in Cartoon Network's history, according to Nielsen Media Research. The launch of the new series has also seen a 30 per cent jump in site traffic to the official Star Wars website.


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