US: V-me adds 7Pets

Ypsilon Films partners with national network to ?build the brand? of Spanish pre-school programme.
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National network V-me has added 7Pets to its education-based V-me Ninos pre-school lineup as part of its mix of programmes for Latino families.

7Pets, which premieres next month, uses puppets, 3D animation and live action sequences to engage viewers between two and eight. Produced by Pets Entertainment and distributed worldwide by Ypsilon Films, the series follows the stories of seven baby animals who live in a cave and learn different values from each other and challenges they face.

Roberto Mitrani, managing director, Ypsilon Films, said: “In bringing 7Pets to the US our aim was to establish partnerships with the strongest children’s television platform to build the brand. Through this partnership with V-me we will develop strong nationwide promotional strategies.”


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