VEGAS 2011: Becky Bones adds new characters

Three new baddies will freshen up the eco-brand by adding more storyline possibilities.
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Becky Bones has unveiled three new characters at this week’s Licensing International Expo.

The new additions will “significantly deepen” the story of Becky Bones, the brand which aims to inspire tweens to save the planet and gives away 25 per cent of profits to green initiatives.

CEO and co-founder Krista Kokjohn-Poehler said: “the new characters are members of the Eco-mafia, the nemesis group to Becky Bones’ Green Team.”

Becky Bones now has 23 characters, including Lucy Lies, a robot programmed to tell lies bout the environment and Tree, a regenerating tree who is repeatedly turned into paper products until Becky recycles him.

Visit Becky Bones at booth 3874.


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