VEGAS 2015: Hasbro takes Transformers into the fashion world

Star designer Philipp Plein has created a new brand fashion collection.
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Transformers Philipp Plein.png

Hasbro is further expanding the Transformers brand - teaming up with designer Philipp Plein to move it into the fashion space.

The new collection from the German fashion designer will launch at his luxury stores later on this month. The pre-fall collection 'embodies the spirit of the action hero' and combines eccentric materials with attention to detail and extravagant applications.

One of the hero lines will be the Optimus Prime t-shirt, which features glittering strass stones in various black, gray and silver shades against either a white or black background.

Philipp Plein store locations include Milan, Paris, New York, Miami, Berlin, Moscow, Dubai, Ibiza, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Düsseldorf among other cities.


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