Epic Rights and CounterFind combat fake music goods

Music merchandise and branding firm, Epic rights, is joining forces with CounterFind to help combat counterfeit goods in the music business.

The new partnership will also help to pave the way for more online brand protection for artists.

Epic Rights’ current roster of musicians includes the likes of Aerosmith, AC/DC, Billy Joel, the Estates of John Lennon and David Bowie and more.

“In the past five years, online counterfeiting of artist merchandise has grown explosively worldwide, confusing fans with inferior product and unapproved designs, and with the artist losing sales. Until now, there have been no real tools developed to fight it,” said Jesper Poulsen, SVP of artist and brand development at Epic Rights.

“We are excited to be joining CounterFind in bringing real solutions to this global issue.”

CounterFind’s software combats and finds adverts marketing counterfeit goods, while also shutting them down in real time.

Plus, human intelligence and image recognition combined with a filtering formula allow CounterFind’s technology to learn about counterfeiters’ marketing tactics.

Darren Woodson, founder of CounterFind, added: “Print on demand platforms have gotten away with allowing counterfeiters to use the name and likeness of artists for far too long.

“It’s important to remove all the counterfeit sold online because fans normally can’t tell the difference between a legitimate product that supports their favorite band, and one that hurts them.”

Some of the world’s largest brands in sport, entertainment and luxury are losing more than $135 billion a year in lost revenue due to the increasing sales of bootleg items. 

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