Epic Rights and Pan Inc. take global superstars and music brands to Japanese licensing market

Epic Rights and Pan Inc. have detailed a new strategic partnership to develop music artist and celebrity merchandising and branding opportunities in Japan.

Epic Rights has broad relationships around the world and a portfolio of clients including Madonna, Celine Dion, KISS, AC/DC, Aerosmith and more. It also boasts a host of music brands such as Woodstock, CBGB, Rock & Brews and Rock Paper Photo.

Meanwhile, Pan Inc. has extensive relationships with all major Japanese advertising agencies, technology companies, retailers and consumer brands. With these relationships, Pan will bring licensing and branding opportunities to Epic Rights’ artists and properties in the Japanese market, as well as manage Epic Rights’ ecommerce opportunities and Rock Paper Photo fine art rock photography business in Japan.

Pan Inc. will also open the first Rock & Brews concert themed restaurant in 2018.

Senior Epic Rights’ executives Lisa Streiff, EVP of global licensing and Dan Levin will manage the day-to-day business with Pan Inc.

“We are very excited to combine the efforts of our two companies to build strong revenue streams and generate new opportunities for western artists, entertainment brands and celebrities in the growing Japanese market,” said Dell Furano, Epic Rights’ CEO and Pan Inc’s CEO, Kunihiro Tsuji.

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