Evil Dead 2 rises again on Kickstarter with new campaign from Jasco Games

Tabletop game publisher Jasco Games is readying to resurrect the Evil Dead franchise with a Kickstarter campaign for a new Evil Dead 2 board game.

Developed in collaboration with Lynnvander Studios – the licensing group for the Evil Dead 2 – the campaign is a new project to ‘bring the licensed board game back from the dead.’

It was a few years ago, after all, that an ill-fated project launched by another games company, launched an Evil Dead 2 board game campaign that was never fulfilled to backers. Jasco Games has therefore created the new campaign as a ‘love letter’ to those backers and to the Kickstarter community of Evil Dead 2 fans.

“We’re calling this new type of campaign, a heartthrob campaign,” said the firm via a press release. “What that means is if this campaign successfully funds, all of the previous backers from the campaign, that we had nothing to do with, will be able to get a free copy of our Evil Dead 2 the Board Game.”

Evil Dead 2 The Board Game is a wild romp through the Sam Raimi cult classic film. Players will fend off Deadites, search the cabin for items and Necronomicon pages, and attempt to close the portal before evil is unleashed upon the world. But Beware! You can’t trust everyone, and at a moment’s notice you might find that your allies are working for evil!

The Kickstarter is set to Launch August 21st. Evil Dead 2 shall rise again, groovy.

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