Ex-Rovio chief Naz Cuevas named CEO of Zoobe Message Entertainment

Former Rovio exec Naz Cuevas has been named CEO of Zoobe Message Entertainment, a firm that develops character voice messaging for smartphones.

Cuevas previously held the role of head of global consumer products licensing for Rovio Entertainment and its successful Angry Birds franchise.

She will now head up the Berlin-based company Zoobe that has produced a series of apps that enable 3D animated characters to perform voice messages for fans as well as easy to share video clips.

The firm has been credited as one of the first to cause a stir in this category and since its launch has seen more than 200 million Zoobe video messages created worldwide.

Its international reach has led to major partnerships with companies such as Sony Pictures, Capcom, ZeptoLab, WWF and more.

“The market is challenging but we have the technology to take animated characters to a new stage given voice is entering its golden era,” said Cuevas.

“Our approach allows fans a unique low barrier of entry into personalization and voice usage, two of the highest criteria for fans today, we believe we can create a social entertainment platform with digital snacks at the fingertips of millions of mobile users.”

Alongside foundational organisation and commercial strategy, Cuevas will be focusing on creating a roadmap of character based new products and services based on the company’s core values to create special digital moments as a tool to further deepen the loyalty between brands and fans.

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