Finsbury Food Group launches the UK’s first Jurassic World and JoJo Siwa cake ranges

Finsbury Food Group is growing its presence in the licensed cake market with the UK’s first Jurassic World and JoJo Siwa cake ranges.

Finsbury has long been prevalent in bringing some of the best-loved films, TV shows and famous characters to the cake aisle and this spring it is continuing in that very mission.

The firm has launched its first range of Jurassic World cakes in celebration of the blockbusting Hollywood film, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. It has also created the UK’s first JoJo Siwa celebration cake in recognition of the popularity of the social media star.

Both ranges include cakes that are designed to be suitable for a range of social and eating occasions. The team at Finsbury Food Group has also added in unique elements to both ranges.

The T-Rex celebration cake is moulded in the shape of a roaring T-Rex head, while the JoJo Siwa cake is the first in the market to feature the branding of the YouTube star.

Finsbury has also produced a Jurassic World traybake.

Dougie Partridge, brand manager at Finsbury Food Group, said: “We are delighted to be launching the first ever Jurassic World and JoJo Siwa cakes as we continue to extend the licensed celebration cake market.

“We have been the market leaders in the celebration cake market for many years as our partners trust us to replicate the magic of their shows and characters with innovative and high quality cakes.

“The cake aisle should constantly bring excitement to consumers so not only do we look at what new ranges we can launch but we also look at every element of the cake to ensure it stands out on the shelf. We have worked hard to create cakes that not only taste delicious but will look amazing as a centrepiece for an occasion or party.”

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