First Angry Birds Stella game lands

The first Angry Birds Stella game has landed.

From the team behind the popular gaming franchise, Angry Birds, the new game sees a host of new female characters join together to save Golden Island from a wicked Princess.

Stella teams with her friends Willow, Dahlia, Poppy and Luca in the quest to rescue Stella’s scrapbook in the new slingshot game.

In a new twist on the conventional app game, Angry Birds Stella comes with a line-up of Telepods, courtesy of Hasbro, offering kids an fans a range of figures that can be used for standalone play as well as teleport in to the new game as playable characters.

“Angry Birds Stella is going to b super fun for casual players, but will also challenge the most hardened Angry Birds veterans,” said Heini Kaihu, head of studio, Rovio Entertainment.

“The story and the world of Angry Birds Stella was hugely inspirational when designing the game, and it provided loads of great elements for game play.”

Each character in the game features its own signature super power, such as parkour for Stella and the vortex spin for Willow.

Blanca Juti, the CMO of Rovio Entertainment, added: “As a brand Angry Birds Stella features daring characters, a playful and offbeat attitude and a great sense of humour, all while dealing with the real-life issues like friendship, including the occasional fall outs.

“Each character has strengths and flaws, and they are not afraid to let them show.”

Angry Birds Stella is free to play and is out now on Apple’s App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Blackberry World and Nook Apps across the globe. 

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