First riders in Miffy & Friends Cycle Challenge revealed

If you have ever fancied yourself as the next Bradley Wiggins, only to realise that dressed in lycra, you’re more like a haggis on the brink of bursting, then this could be for you.

With a suggested 3.1 million Britons now taking to their bikes each week, Miffy and Friends recently revealed its Charity Cycle Challenge to get the licensing industry pedaling from London to Utrecht.

With just over two months to go before the event on June 30th, can now reveal the names of those who have already stepped up to the four-day endurance test.

“With the greatest respect to this esteemed group, you’ll find no athletes here,” said the group via its press release.

“But rather licensing, sales and marketing executives of some maturity who at being most kind may be termed recreational cyclists or at best “weekend warriors” and many of whom have not been on a road bike since their teens.”

The group has described the challenge as one of “both physical and mental endurance and one of huge personal commitment and sacrifice. The training alone is both time consuming and somewhat costly in terms of accessories, equipment, repairs and renewals.”

And as for the names of these brave riders, check out the list below:

And if you have the compulsion, or the appropriate number of loose screws to join them on the 300-mile track across Europe, then feel free to contact the following:

UK – Information and Entry:



Europe and International – Information and Entry:


Sponsorship Opportunities:


Event Management:

Sports Connection

Organising Body:

Mercis bv, DRi Licensing and Rainbow Designs

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