Fisher-Price readies new Thomas & Friends Minis to celebrate friendships

To celebrate friendships, Fisher-Price has designed an all-new range of Thomas & Friends Minis inspired by some of pop culture’s most iconic friend squads.

The Minis collection has been expanded to feature Saban’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and brand-new Minis of DC Super Friends.

The new Minis come as part of the Thomas & Friends year-long Set Friendship in Motion campaign, which began this month.

Thomas and his friends will morph into 13 train mash-ups, including Thomas as Blue Ranger and Percy as Green Ranger. Meanwhile, nine minis inspired by Nickelodeon’s turtles will see Thomas become Leonardo and James as Raphael.

Lastly, the collection has also been bolstered to star DC’s Super Friends, which will see 24 new trains launch with Victor as Superboy and Rosie as Star Sapphire.

“The new Thomas & Friends Minis based on famous pop culture teams are a cool way of celebrating legendary, epic friendships,” said Mike Pisors, director of Thomas & Friends toy global brand marketing.

“We love that Thomas & Friends is a leader is showcasing positive friendship role models for young children, and we’re thrilled to combine the brand with other popular franchises such as the DC Super Friends and Power Rangers for kids to collect.”

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