Fright Dome welcomes Five Nights at Freddy’s haunted house attraction

Fright Dome at Circus Circus in Las Vegas is launching a Five Nights at Freddy’s haunted house attraction.

From September 30th, Fright Dome takes over the Adventuredome theme park at Circus Circus, transforming it into an interactive horror experience featuring haunted houses, scare zones and rides.

Based on the horror-themed video game, the Five Nights at Freddy’s haunted house will take visitors inside a life-size version of the game, watching and waiting for the oversized animatronic characters to make their move to kill.

Inside this interactive haunted house, guests will be given a room by room tour by the on-duty security guard and must keep their eyes peeled for lurking shadows, movements, and noises from characters residing within.

“As we kick off our 14th year here on the Las Vegas Strip I am truly humbled by the overwhelming success of Fright Dome,” said Jason Egan, Fright Dome owner and creator.

“Teaming up with Scott Cawthon to design a Five Nights at Freddy’s themed attraction is a tremendous opportunity and the scenario that we are creating is sure to be a fan favourite.”

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