For the first time, gamers will be able to play in the same persistent online world across all platforms.

Funcom readies LEGO Minifigures Online for launch

Online game specialist Funcom is readying for the launch of LEGO MInifigures Online on June 29th.

Available on PC, Max, Linux, iOS and Android, the game will feature full cross-play in the same online world across all devices.

The game has enjoyed a limited run as a free-to-play game on PC, before making the move to desktop and mobile platforms as buy-to-play.

The developers at Funcom have spent months overhauling the game in preparation for the launch. New features and content, such as unique events, cinematics, voice acting and an engaging story are included, as well as numerous gameplay additions and improvements throughout the entire game.

The game enables players to collect over 100 Minifigures, each with their own personality and abilities, and build a team to take on adventures through a number of classic LEGO environments. From Pirate World to Space World, players must play together and smash their way through aliens, sea monsters and more to unlock the full potential of the Minifigures.

The game is KidSafe certified and fully COPPA compliant, with multiple safety measures in place to ensure a secure online experience.

"This really is the definitive version of LEGO Minifigures Online and we are very much looking forward to opening the servers for players to experience it," said Funcom CEO, Rui Casais.

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