Game of Thrones whisky…is coming

Drinks form Diageo has partnered with HBO to release eight special single malt whiskeys this winter, each named for a different house from the Game of Thrones world, Westeros.

The new collection of scotches will launch to coincide with the season eight launch to TV next year.

The labels for each whiskey have been approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, with few other details as yet released.

The line-up includes the Cardhu Gold Reserve, representing House Targaryan with a three-headed dragon on the label, Clynelish Reserve for House Tyrell and displaying a rose sigil, Dalwhinnie Winter’s Frost for House Stark with a direwolf artwork and Lagavulin 9 year old representing House Lannister with its lion sigil.

It will be completed by Oban Bay Reserve featuring a dark and simple label emblazoned with the vow of The Night’s Watch, Royal Lachnagar for House Baratheon with a rampant stag with a crown around its neck, a Singleton of Glendullan Select for House Tully featuring its fish sigil and a Talisker Select Reserve for Hous Greyjoy and featuring its kraken.

On top of the planned eight whiskeys, Diageo will also release a special White Walker edition of Johnnie Walker.

“Freeze for an unexpected icy reveal,” says the label.

The Game of Thrones Whiskey deal was brokered by Beanstalk Licensing.

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