Games Workshop “just getting started” as profits double for the year

Games and hobby specialist Games Workshop has seen its profits almost double in the past 12 months, with pre-tax profits reaching £74.5 million.

This is almost double is £38.4 million for the same period last year.

Its annual report has also confirmed a surge in revenue frm £158 million to nearly £220 million, while last month staff shared a £5m bonus in anticipation of the results.

Games Workshop CEO, Kevin Rountree, said: “Our business and our Warhammer Hobby are in great shape, the best shape either has been for some time. And as we stride into the year ahead with more energy, ideas and drive, it is clear to me that we are only just getting started.”

The company has also seen share rise by nearly 150 per cent in a year, signalling a significant turnaround from when sales faltered in recent history. The form has outlined plans to expand its manufacturing base so it can produce more figures as well as expand its fleet of retailers with 25 more openings lined up mostly for Germany and the US.

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