Games Workshop market value hits £1bn and staff share £5m bonus

Games Workshop has recorded a £1bn market value for the first time, as the RPG gaming retailer expects profits to nearly double this year.

The company – the team behind the now wildly popular Warhammer franchise – has detailed that staff will share a £5m bonus with around 1,700 employees splitting the payout ‘in recognition of their contribution.’

The Nottingham-based group said that it expects to report an annual pre-tax profit of at least £74m, which is up from last year’s £38.4m.

The result has been helped by online sales and the popularity of its Warhammer table top gaming title.

Revenue is also expected to jump from £158.1 million to £219 million, with the firm boosted by £10 million in licensing royalties while over the last year, shares have risen by nearly 150 per cent.

From humble beginnings in the late 70s, Games Workshop was founded by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson who set up the company as a board game shop in a West London flat.

The pair went on to secure an exclusive three-year distribution agreement with the inventor of Dungeons and Dragons, Gary Gygax. Together, Livingstone and Jackson went on to create a wide portfolio of fantasy board games and books.

Games Workshop has since grown into a multimillion-pound business that now makes 75 per cent of its revenue overseas.

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