Genius Brands’ SpacePOP heads to Kabillion Girls Rule!

Genius Brands International (GBI) is set to debut its YouTube series SpacePOP on Kabillion Girls Rule!, thanks to a new licensing agreement with Kabillion.

The debut also coincides with the launch of SpacePOP on GBI’s Kid Genius VOD channel.

Deb Pierson, general manager of the Kid Genius Channel, said: “Our YouTube launch of SpacePOP has already engaged millions of young girls with this colorful, lifestyle series, and distribution on Kabillion Girls Rule! will enable us to introduce millions more with their highly targeted audience of six to 12-year-olds, complementing our own distribution across the Kid Genius channel.”

Following the premier of SpacePOP’s first six videos, two new SpacePOP videos have been released on YouTube each week.

David Di Lorenzo, resident of Kabillion, added: “We are happy to add SpacePOP to our programming line-up. This fun, short-form, music-based content is perfect for our tween audience of Kabillion Girls Rule!.”

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