Genius Brands to launch Kartoon Channel! Kidaverse following acquisition of Ameba TV

Genius Brands International has announced that it will be launching its subscription-based Kartoon Channel! Kidaverse on April 15, 2022, at $3.99/month.

Kartoon Channel! Kidaverse will be anchored by technology from the acquisition of Ameba TV, a rapidly growing children’s video streaming service.

Kartoon Channel! Kidaverse will include all the popular programmes of Kartoon Channel!, while adding exclusive metaversal content, which will be launched in a phased rollout.

Kartoon Channel! Kidaverse will feature a fully integrated design, including custom avatars and emojis for kids, exclusive games, branded Kidaverse VR goggles, immersive content and NFTs for kids (“KFT”s).

The new platform will also feature collectable digital cards based on many of the channel’s popular characters, including those from the upcoming Stan Lee Universe, debuting in Q4 2022, and a digital currency for kids called Kidaverse MetaBuck$. Additionally, the Kartoon Channel! Kidaverse is planning to introduce child-safe messaging (“Messies”), podcasts, music, and more.

“Kartoon Channel! Kidaverse is expected to revolutionise children’s entertainment, because it will include all of the popular animated programmes of a children’s channel, metaverse features and, most importantly, it will be fully curated and child safe,” says Genius Brands Chairman and CEO, Andy Heyward.

“The single strongest message we receive from parents is the concern about safety for children on screens, whether it is programme content or roaming around the internet and various apps. The premise of the Kartoon Channel! Kidaverse is to provide children with fun, positive, engaging digital media AND to provide them with a safe and parent-controlled product.”

In addition to the hit shows of Kartoon Channel! today, including Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rainbow RangersPeppa Pig, PJ Masks, Minecraft, Surviving Roblox, My Little Pony, and Yu Gi Oh, Kartoon Channel! Kidaverse will add another 13,000 episodes under license to Ameba, including hit brands such as Casper The Friendly Ghost, Donkey Kong Country, Gummy Bears, and Rescue Heroes.

The platform will also become the home to the several thousand hours of animated content available through its recent acquisition of Canada’s WOW! Unlimited Media and strategic investment in Germany’s Your Family Entertainment (YFE). The Company believes this will make it the largest single children’s portal of animation in the world, with over 20,000 animated titles under license.

“As Kartoon Channel! has grown, many of our viewers have asked for a commercial-free version of the experience,” says Jon Ollwerther, Kartoon Channel! President. “While our free, ad-supported platform will still be available to consumers, the subscription-based Kartoon Channel! Kidaverse will address that market need, while also building the 360-degree kid’s digital media platform of the future. We believe it will be a unique entertainment experience that simply cannot be had anywhere else.”







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