Global licensing industry up 4.4% ahead of BLE 2017

The global licensing industry has enjoyed a 4.4 per cent growth over the last year, taking its value to more than £200bn.

Accounting for 20 per cent of the total value, Europe weighs in with a value of £38.8bn, lead by the UK, Germany, France and Italy. The figure comes in at under half the value of the US and Canadian markets which account for 58 per cent of the global total at £112.6bn.

The figures are the result of the most recent LIMA 2017 Annual Global Licensing Industry survey, released just days ahead of this year’s Brand Licensing Europe show in London.

Clothing leads all product categories accounting for £30.1bn in revenue, followed by toys at £26.9bn and fashion accessories at £22.7bn.

The same survey indicates however, that with the rise in online purchases, further pressure has been put on brick and mortar’s retail growth. Online sales now account for 21 per cent of all licensed retail sales worldwide, up from 18 per cent one year earlier.

In Western Europe, 19 per cent of licensed product sales came through online channels, while China had the highest online licensed product sales at 41 per cent.

On the other hand, in Japan and France, physical retail remains dominant, accounting for over 80 per cent of licensed goods sales in their markets respectively.

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