Viral campaign is to promote the release of its new Sooty and Sweep collection.

Golden Bear launches poll to see who the nation prefers: Sooty or Sweep

Golden Bear has launched a viral campaign to promote the release of its new Sooty and Sweep collection featuring a poll to find out who is nation’s favourite out of the two pint-sized TV stars.

The toy firm has teamed with Redan Alchemy to launch the election, and both Sooty and Sweep will have their own own fun manifesto and party political broadcasts.

The campaign will span schools, in the children’s press, through bloggers and in stores, with the final polling day taking place October during BLE.

“This campaign is designed to be fun first and foremost," said Barry Hughes, Golden Bear’s general manager.

"Our inspiration came from an online story likening two of the UK’s leading politicians to Sooty and Sweep. Suddenly we were discussing which of the two we would vote for and so the concept was created.

"We believe the election will be something both adults and children will get involved in and to ensure awareness we have many tricks up our sleeves, as no doubt do Sooty and Sweep in their own efforts to influence the vote in their direction.”

As the final day comes round, the campaign will go viral with the introduction of the Twitter hashtags #VoteSooty and #VoteSweep.

Sooty and Sweep’s owner and presenter Richard Cadell added: “At campaign HQ we can’t wait to be involved. I will remain impartial, but intend to help both candidates in their quest for success at the polls. I can’t wait to find out who wins but most of all it’s a bit of fun and full of the slapstick humour that Sooty and Sweep are all about.”

The polling site is already up and running at

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