Green Owl Toys renews license for The Gruffalo wooden toy range

Green Owl Toys has renewed its partnership with Magic Light Pictures to deliver its Bajo Gruffalo wooden toys to the UK.

Under the new partnership, Green Owl Toys will launch a new collection of wooden toys based on the hit children’s property at the Birmingham Spring Fair, London Toy Fair and Nuremberg this year.

A popular line among children, the existing Gruffalo collection of wooden toys from Bajo received a Licensing Award nomination last year, and will be expanded with new additions to the line this year.

The new collection will include magnets, Gruffalo skipping ropes and Gruffalo display units to create an in-store destination for the range.

Magic Light Pictures is the global distribution and marketing firm behind The Gruffalo and has sold its portfolio of Oscar and BAFTA nominated half hour films, The Gruffalo, The Gruffalo’s Child and Room on the Broom to over 180 countries worldwide.

It also runs an international merchandising programme with over 40 licensees and 250 products.

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