Groovy UK pens deals with Frida Khalo, Brandalised and Jimmy the Bull

Barcelona-based Art Ask Agency has penned a slew of deals for its properties Frida Kahlo, Jimmy the Bull and Brandalised, with gift and accessories manufacturer Groovy UK.

Groovy UK boasts worldwide distribution channels and presence in high street retailers. They sell to UK multi-brand stores as well as EU shops and distributors including ASOS, Next and other online and brick & mortar businesses. The new products will target all age consumer, adhering to current trends.

A range of products covering a spectrum of categories such as kitchenware, home products, accessories, stationery, ceramics, and bags is also on the way for each of the brands.

Art Ask Agency licenses will join the likes of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Assassins Creed and Batman within the Groovy UK catalogue of licensed merchandise. 

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