Grumpy Cat rolls out line of cat toys

Internet sensation, Grumpy Cat, has launched a new line of cat toys exclusively at PetSmart.

Designed to celebrate the iconic cat’s grumpy nature, the collection includes toys with features such as squeakers and crinkle, as well as catnip.

“The pet world seemed way too fuzzy and happy, so I decided it was time to shake things up a bit,” said Grumpy Cat.

“My exclusive-to-PetSmart collection is something terribly special. As a ‘spokescat’ I feel tremendous pressure to create something that the pet world has never seen before.”

Over 15 items have been designed, including the cucumber toy, door knob hanger toy, catnip cigar and hairball toy.

Grumpy Cat added: “My cucumber toy is filled with catnip and crinkle so cats will be jumping for joy over this fun item.”

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