Hasbro bares new partnership with licensed underwear specialist Crazy Boxer

Underwear specialist, Crazy Boxer is bolstering its licensed offering thanks to a new partnership with the global toy maker, Hasbro.

Under the terms of the new partnership, CrazyBoxer will create a range of briefs inspired by the numerous properties that Hasbro has developed over its nearly 100 year history.

The company is yet to release more details on what properties will be developed through its brief and boxers range and what release dates the range has been scheduled for. It is expected that Crazy Boxer will be tapping into the current board gaming craze, making use of graphics from Hasbro’s popular staple of titles in the category.

Hasbro joins a burgeoning portfolio of licensors to be working with the underwear specialist and now sits alongside the likes of Discovery’s Shark Wee, King Features’ Popeye, Cartoon Network’s raft of animated properties including Jonny Bravo, Capcom and Kellogg’s.

CrazyBoxer CEO Travis Hoyt announced the new deal with Hasbro via social media this morning.

“Very excited to announce that CrazyBoxer has teamed up with the great people over at Hasbro for a new collection of undies inspired by the many incredible properties Hasbro has developed over its near 100 year history,” he said.

“It is an honour and privilege to develop consumer products for a brand which has played such an influential role in the lives of so many people, myself included. I believe board games have an amazing ability to bring friends and family together which in this era of technology is sorely needed.”

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