Hello Kitty and Pac-Man team up for new game and merch

Sanrio is joining forces with Bandai Namco, which will see the launch of a Hello Kitty themed update to the Pac-Man app

Kicking off at Comic-Con San Diego, a limited edition of Hello Kitty x PAC-MAN merchandise will launch, including t-shirts, caps, socks, tote bags, pins and a collectable figure set.

“Hello Kitty and Pac-Man have both endeared themselves to pop culture fans around the world for decades, it’s about time that these two became best-friends,” said Eric Hartness, VP of marketing at Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc.

“We look forward to celebrating this new friendship with fans at Comic-Con and have them experience the limited-time Hello Kitty update to the Pac-Man app as they chomp dots, weave through corners and avoid colourful ghosts.”

The Pac-Man mobile game will star Hello Kitty, as well as special in-game integrations and themes levels, ghosts and customised icons.

Jill Koch, SVP of brand management and marketing at Sanrio, added: “Hello Kitty and Pac-Man are global icons with a crossover fan base.

“Merging Hello Kitty into the pixelated world of Pac-Man is a gift both for fans that grew up with the brands and new fans alike.”

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