Kindness app encourages users to do one kind thing in their daily routine.

Hello Kitty supports new app created to combat online negativity

Hello Kitty is campaigning for the nation to do ‘one kind thing’, whether it’s by using the One Kind Thing Twitter app, or via small acts of kindness.

Signing up via Twitter, the free web application then shares friendly messages on the users Twitter feed, designed to help inspire others to also do ‘one kind thing’ for a friend or stranger.

Users are able to share a Hello Kitty image alongside the post, or change their profile photo and cover picture to show support. Tweeters are then encouraged to share posts and retweet to help spread kindness far and wide on social media.

“People who are kind to their friends, family and strangers become happier and healthier in the long run,” commented Clara Wooller, Hello Kitty brand manager.

“These simple acts of kindness can benefit the heart, reduce anxiety and make everyone a much happier human being. Our country flourishes when people look out for each other and that is what Hello Kitty hopes to inspire with the One Kind Thing campaign.”

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