Hip hop fashion favourite Cezer is planning its comeback with licensing agent TreImage

Cezer, the urban fashion brand of choice for some of hip hop’s greatest legends, including Jay-Z, Chris Brown, Ludacris, and Snoop Dogg, is planning its comeback tour on the fashion circuit, this time with the help of its new licensing agent, TreImage.

The announcement was made in New York where the move will kick off with a planned revival and reappearance on the retail marketplace. The renowned streetwear designer and creator of Cezer, will remain the driving force behind the brand and its forthcoming creative direction.

“Cezer was the hottest brand in the market and was highly sought after,” said Cherry. “With strong streetwear design and solid relationships with urban celebrities and artists, there’s nothing that can’t be done when we re-introduce our brand.”

Charles Singleton, founder of TreImage, added: “Michael is a forward thinker who personifies the urban scene.

“From a design perspective, his vision for the Cezer brand for the millennial era is spot-on. We’re looking forward to expanding the reach of Cezer by working with licensees that understand the concept of street cred and that can effectively execute Michael’s vision for the brand.”

TreImage is now eyeing a multitude of consumer product categories, including men’s apparel, footwear and accessories.

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