Hong Kong’s Panda-a-Panda eyes global growth through Kickstarter project

Popular Hong Kong comic series Panda-a-Panda has embarked on a project to launch its first stop motion animation.

In a move Panda-a-Panda hopes will take the brand global, it has partnered with JazWings to launch a 60 day Kickstarter campaign on January 18th. The project is looking to raise $25,000 on the crowd-funding platform.

To date, Panda-a-Panda has published more than 600 comic strips since being founded in 2005 by Siuhak. The team now hopes to send the characters On On and Guy Guy on a journey around the world.

“Panda has become extremely popular in Hong Kong as a comic strip and related products but, after living with these characters for ten years, I want to share them with the world,” said Siuhak.

“I want to see On On and Guy Guy brought to life in the form of stop motion animation and bring joy and laughter to as many people as possible.”

You can find the Panda-a-Panda Kickstarter campaign here.

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