Hornby Hobbies and Corgi re-release iconic Harry Potter models amid demand boom for the franchise

Hornby Hobbies and the Corgi brand have re-released a line of Harry Potter die-cast products, tapping into the current resurgence for the Wizarding World brand at retail.

Last year, the British toy model and hobby specialist teamed up with Warner Bros. to kick-start a three year licensing partnership for the Harry Potter brand. The partnership resulted in the launch of the headline-grabbing Hogwarts Express Train Set, an entire kit for building the Harry Potter-themed model railway layout.

To compliment the set Hornby is now releasing a range of accessories, enabling model-makers to add a further touch of magic to their layouts. These include Hogsmeade Station, Platform 9 ¾ and an additional line of coaches.

Some ten years ago, and before being acquired by Hornby Hobbies, Corgi launched a range of Harry Potter-themed die-cast models. Having seen consumer demand in the collector’s market rise gradually over the last number of years, Hornby Hobbies notes an increased demand for this very line.

Tapping in to this demand, Hornby and Corgi have taken the chance to update its models. The Hogwarts Express Locomotive, for example, now features exact matching red paint as the film franchise’s iconic train. The same can now be said of Corgi’s Flying Ford Anglia, the light blue car in which Harry Potter and Ron Weasley travel to Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

The model even includes figures of Harry and Ron, depicting them just after they and the car, had a run in with enchanted tree, the Whomping Willow. For the re-release, four different production samples of the car were provided to the Corgi development team before the colour was approved for production.

“The resulting model is quite different to the original Corgi release of the product, but as promised, is as accurate as it can possibly be,” said Corgi’s Emily Houghton.

Accompanying both the Ford Anglia and the Hogwarts Express is the triple decker Knight Bus, the bus that came to Harry’s rescue when he found himself stranded in the third instalment of the franchise, The Prisoner of Azkaban.

All three products are proudly displayed in Wizarding World packaging and are billed as ‘the perfect present for anyone who knows, loves, or grew up with the Harry Potter franchise.’

“The Corgi team is truly excited to gather the reaction of the media, trade and of course our consumers now that the products are readily available again,” added Houghton.

“We promise that the magic won’t stop here, all we will say for now is keep your eyes and ears peeled for our 2020 range announcements in January. Potterheads and die-cast collectors alike will not be disappointed.”

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