Hostess and Mars launch new Milky Way and M&M’s brownies

US bakery company Hostess is teaming up with Mars Chocolate North America to launch two new treats.

The firm is set to launch Hostess Brownies made with M&M’s chocolate sweets and Hostess Brownies made with Milky Way pieces, and will hit stores nationwide this month.

“With brownies being such an important segment of the category, we set out to elevate the brownie experience with the Hostess brand, and in doing so, co-branded with Mars through a strategic licensing deal,” said Burke Raine, chief marketing officer at Hostess.

“Intensely rich brownies will satisfy most chocolate lovers, but pair them with two of America’s most beloved chocolate candy brands – M&M’s and Milky Way – and you’ve got a truly irresistible treat.”

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