Film following group of WW1 messenger pigeons will air on channels in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and China

Imira Entertainment signs Cher Ami for Disney channels across Asia

Spanish production and distribution company Imira Entertainment has signed new deals for its Cher Ami property to air on Disney channels across Asia.

The movie, following the story of French messenger pigeons during WW1, has been sold to Disney channels in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and China for Pay TV, internet and mobile broadcast.

Set on a French farm in 1918, Cher Ami follows a group of pigeons eager to play their part in the war as they become carrier pigeons to save the lives of a battalion of American soldiers.

Elena Mera Dios, Imira Entertainment territory manager for EMEA, North America and Asia, said: "Imira Entertainment is actively expanding its presence across key territories in Asia, and this deal with Disney continues to build the momentum we have established within these markets.

"We look forward to a productive year ahead, developing exciting new projects like the Asian-inspired series Mondo Yan."

In a move to strengthen the Spanish company’s presence in the Asian territories, Dios will be attending the Asian TV Forum this week, presenting a portfolio of popular children’s entertainment shows, including Mondo Yan and Lucky Fred.

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