INK announces collaboration with ZAFARI and World Wildlife Fund

INK Global has confirmed a new partnership with ZAFARI, an animated kids show set to debut in Autumn 2017.

As part of WWF’s work to inspire our younger generations, ZAFARI will feature a series of videos complimenting each episode aimed to educate viewers about wildlife and wild places on our planet. Each video will showcase footage of animals in their natural habitats, with a child voiceover explaining a fun fact about the featured wildlife or wild place. 

ZAFARI, the creation of animation visionary David Dozoretz , tells the story of a group of friends who inhabit a land where all the animals have been magically born with an amalgamation of varying skins, patterns and characteristics, making each individual truly unique.

NBC Universal has picked up global distribution rights and the first series of the show which will be delivered soon, with a host of broadcasters on board at a pre-buy level. These include France TV, Lagardere TIJI, SRC Radio Canada and SpaceToon. 

“Our work at INK is not just about entertaining children, it’s also about educating and enlightening them,” commented INK Global Director Claus Tømming. “This new partnership will allow us to use the global reach of ZAFARI to further the conservation message and create future generations of WWF supporters.”

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