Iron Gut makes nursery debut with Sophie la giraffe artwork

Iron Gut Publishing has secured the license to produce a new range of collectable artwork based on the popular French brand, Sophie la giraffe.

The deal has been penned to coincide with a number of planned UK initiatives for the brand.

Sophie la giraffe joins Iron Gut’s portfolio of popular brands, including Wallace and Gromit, Star Trek and more.

“We have previously partnered with these brands to create their officially licensed art collections, but this will be our first foray into nursery,” said Louise Marks, Iron Gut Publishing.

“We decided if we were going to move in to this sector then we were going to do it with one of the most popular brands in Europe.”

Stéphanie Arnaud, marketing and operations, Sophie la giraffe, added: “Limited edition artwork is a prestige category for Sophie la giraffe and will be a wonderful gift for any new parent to receive for their baby.

“It is important that we work with a partner who shares our passion for the brand and we believe we have found that passion in Iron Gut Publishing.”

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