Iron Gut to launch Flash Gordon art collection

Iron Gut Publishing has signed a deal to launch artwork inspired by the 1980 film, Flash Gordon. 

In an agreement with property owner King Features, Iron Gut will commission artists from all over the world to create pieces that will ‘capture the essence of the cult film on limited-edition fine art on paper, canvas, metal and fabric’.

“We have been focusing on a number of retro titles over the last 12 months and this film makes an excellent addition to our portfolio,” said Anthony Marks, Iron Gut Publishing managing director.

“The collection will be available in mail-order packaging for online retailers and framed for the high street.”

Cathleen Titus, King Features vice president of international licensing, added: “From his first appearance on the comics pages in 1934, Flash Gordon set the standard for sci-fi and captured the public’s imagination.

“The 1980 movie has become a cult classic, so it is wonderful that, thanks to Iron Gut Publishing, fans will be able to enjoy it in a new, artistic incarnation.”

The deal for the popular intergalactic space adventurer was brokered by King Features’ agent in the United Kingdom, Allsorts Licensing.

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