It’s Pokémon Day, so here’s the first full length trailer for Detective Pikachu

It’s officially Pokémon Day today – go on, give it a quick Google – and what better way than to stoke the fire of the brand’s superfans with the launch of the first, full length Pokémon Detective Pikachu trailer?

For a start, Pikachu has landed with the full extent of the English lexicon at the creature’s disposal. And secondly, it is all delivered with the wit (and voice) of Hollywood’s Ryan Reynolds.

The trailer has delivered not only an ensemble cast that includes Justice Smith as Pikachu’s human partner, Tim Goodman and the popular DJ, Diplo, but also a cast of CGI animated, much loved characters from the Pokémon universe.

Blastoise, Gengar, Mewtwo and even quick glimpse of Snorlax are all seen in this first, extended trailer that depicts a storyline in which Pikachu is on a mission to solve the case of Tim’s missing father, Harry.

Detective Pikachu is co-produced and co-financed by Legendary Entertainment and is scheduled to land in cinemas this May.

Watch the trailer below:

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