Japanese police tap Capcom’s Street Fighter franchise for new youth campaign

Characters from Capcom’s iconic video game franchise, Street Fighter are being put to use by police in Japan, becoming mascots for the Osaka Prefectural Police and its newest recruitment drive.

The police department has just launched an initiative to encourage Japanese youth to apply to its cyber-crime investigation department via a series of posters and flyers featuring beloved characters from the franchise.

Street Fighter was first released as an arcade game in 1987, followed by the smash hit Street Fighter II in 1991. Today, more than 30 years since its launch, the series enjoys immense popularity across the globe, and in recent years has increased its presence by driving the fighting game genre in esports.

Each year since 2013, Capcom has worked with Osaka Prefectural Police, as well as with the police forces of neighbouring prefectures, to implement crime prevention awareness campaigns.

This year, Capcom’s Street Fighter characters are being utilised for their powerful imagery, appeal among a broad range of ages, and affinity with esports, to feature in investigator recruiting advertisements. The campaign aims to boost awareness of and the number of investigators specialising in cyber-crime—a field that has seen a conspicuous rise in the number of incidents in recent years.

Capcom hopes its characters will contribute to crime prevention activities in Osaka and throughout Japan by broadening the reach of police investigator recruitment. Along with the distribution of 3,000 flyers, 1,000 of these poster advertisements will be placed at Osaka Prefectural Police stations and police boxes, as well as at train stations, beginning July 2.

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