Jim Henson Co. partners with River Horse for Labyrinth board game

UK game design company River Horse has teamed up with The Jim Henson Company to develop a new board game based on the 1986 cult classic movie, Labyrinth.

While full details of the title are being kept firmly under wraps for now, River Horse revealed to ToyNews that it will be a family board game likely to feature plastic figurines of characters including Hoggle, Ludo, Sarah as well as David Bowie’s goblin king, Jareth.

The title will be distributed to board game specialists and toyshops across the UK as well as the international markets.

Labyrinth will join River Horse’s portfolio of titles such as Terminator Genisys: The Miniatures Game and Shuuro, an inventive spin on chess.

The game is expected to hit UK shelves in 2016.

“We saw The Jim Henson Company’s stand at an event and I have always thought that the Labyrinth would make a splendid board game, so I went and asked, and they agreed,” Alessio Cavatore, founder of River Horse, revealed to

“I am currently reading the novelisation of the film, and was happy to find that Jareth agreed too, when I read the line ‘it pleased Jareth to think of his labyrinth as a board game.’”

While the game is aimed at the more nostalgic adult fanbase of the classic Jim Henson movie, Cavatore believes it will appeal to younger players too.

“I want to design this game so that I can play it and enjoy it with my seven year old daughter, so hopefully all mothers and fathers who loved and still love Labyrinth will love to play it with their kids,” added Cavatore.

River Horse is a games creation and design service that, as well as boasting a portfolio of award-winning tabletop titles, offers start- ups and inventors help in getting their own titles to print or getting their crowdfunding campaign up to scratch.

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