Jim Henson Company’s Dinosaur Train steams in for fifth season on PBS Kids

The Jim Henson Company has commenced production on a fifth season of the six-time Emmy nominated and Parents’ Choice Silver Honour series, Dinosaur Train.

The series, a hit with both US and international audiences, will launch into its fifth season with 11 CG animated half-hour episodes to air on PBS Kids in summer next year.

The season will celebrate the 100th episode of the show as it continues to explore natural sciences with an emphasis on its adventure, discovery, new inventions, social emotional learning and traveling outside of our comfort zone.

“We have been honoured by the millions of pre-schoolers from around the world who have joined us on the Dinosaur Train – adventuring with T-Rexes and Pteranodons, discovering new and exciting creatures and learning how our natural world works,” said Halle Stanford, president of television, The Jim Henson Company.

“In our fifth season, kids can expect to explore new time periods with Buddy and his family, from the Ice Age to the Cretaceous. Craig Bartlett and his amazing production team have more incredible Dinosaur Train adventures in store for all and it’s going to be an amazing ride.”

Linda Simensky, vice president of children’s programming at PBS, added: “We are excited to welcome a new season of family-favourite Dinosaur Train to PBS Kids. Over the years, we have seen children explore and grow with Buddy and the Pteranodon Family and we are thrilled to continue diving into important science and social emotional learning with a series we know kids love.” 

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