Jim Henson’s Doozers show gains second season

The Jim Henson Company’s animated series, Doozers, has been given the greenlight for a second season.

Starring characters from the classic Henson series, Fraggle Rock, the pre-school show encourages children to create and innovate with The Pod Squad.

The first season is now currently available to stream via the Hulu Kids experience, plus it also airs on Sprout.

“Doozers has developed an enthusiastic fan base on Hulu, and they’ll soon be back to entertain curious pre-schoolers with bigger stakes adventures and more exciting inventions,” said Halle Stanford, EVP of children’s entertainment at The Jim Henson Company.

“Our Pod Squad will be doing what they do best – using their brain power, ingenuity and enthusiasm to solve any problem small or large. They’ll do everything from saving Doozer Creek from an impending avalanche to finding a way to save a butterfly cocoon that’s fallen from its safe haven.

“Our Doozers will inspire their fans to put their own ideas into action and have a fantastic time while do-do-doing it.”

Meanwhile, DHX Media has been appointed to provide production and animation services to the show. 

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