Jurassic World: The Exhibition continues world tour with new Paris venue

Jurassic World is making its way across the globe as Cityneon details the opening of France’s own Jurassic World – The Exhibition in La Cité du Cinéma from April 14th to September 2nd.

The Paris exhibition, owned by JP Exhibition, will be the company’s fourth launch following its successful run in Melbourne, Philadelphia and Chicago. Encore Productions will be the presenting partner in Paris.

Encore was formed in 1987 and has since been a major player in the live entertainment busiess in France, presenting rock and pop artists, family and Irish shows and musicals in Europe.

Since 2008, Encore has developed the edutainment genre in France through different exhibitions such as Our Body The Universe Within, Days of the Dinosar and Tutankhamon/ Hit Tomb and Hit Treasures.

In 2015, Encore presented Violetta Live, the live version of the famous South American telenovela in France and Switzerland and the LEGO exhibition The Art of the Brick in Paris and Zurich. In 2016, Encore presented harry Potter: The Exhibition in both Brussels and Madrid.

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