Marks the first official Left Shark products on the market.

Katy Perry launches official Left Shark onesie and T-shirt

Pop star Katy Perry has launched the first official products based on her Left Shark.

Left Shark became an internet sensation when viewers of Katy Perry’s Super Bowl performance noticed one of her dancers, dressed as a shark, seemed to be dancing to its own beat. It soon became the major talking point of Perry’s half time act and the Left Shark became a meme star.

Now, Perry has launched the first official Left Shark line with an official onesie and T-shirt.

The "all over" print hooded Left Shark jumpsuit costs $129.99, while the T-shirt, featuring the lines ‘current mood’ and ‘#LeftShark’, costs $25.00.

Last month, Perry entered a legal battle with 3D printing company Shapeways over the rights to the Left Shark when the firm started selling Left Shark figurines.

Check out the official Left Shark products below:

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