KetchupTV to launch ‘StoryZoo’ content on English-speaking platforms in the UK, USA and Australia

Ketchup TV is adding StoryZoo to its international premium content lineup, accessible via free-to-air broadcast platforms, CTV, Telco partners, mobile and web.

Established in 2013, Ketchup TV operates both video-on-demand (VOD) and free ad-supported streaming (FAST) services, underpinned by its proprietary ad delivery network and monetization system. Ketchup TV will launch the StoryZoo episodes in two series:

‘StoryZoo Adventures – In the Zoo’, in which the three StoryZoo characters visit and learn all about different animals in the zoo.

‘StoryZoo Adventures – In Space’, where traditional animation is mixed with real footage supplied by the ESA (European Space Agency), enabling children to learn about Earth, the Moon and our solar system in a fun and exciting way. “The real-life images literally take these StoryZoo adventures to a higher level,” says Johannes Gropp, founder and CEO of StoryZoo B.V.

Paul Coster, CEO of Ketchup TV, says, “We’ve been looking to expand our preschool educational offering and partnering with StoryZoo provides the perfect opportunity. The stories are fun and interactive, providing children with the opportunity to learn about wildlife here on Earth, and then travel into space to learn about the solar system and Earth from above.”

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